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Remnants of the Dawn Above the Line Imag
Quick Facts

Production Type                                              PC Download Game

Playtime                                                                        2.5 - 3 Hours

Grenre                                                       Scifi - Action - Story Rich

Completion Data                                            Project is Completed

Play Type                       Single Player - Click to Move - Top Down


Country of Origin                                                                        USA

Format                                                                                            4K

Rating                                                                                      Mature


About The Game

At the dawn of a post-apocalyptic world, an unknown AI threatens the last remnants of society. Adventure through mazes of sinister traps, battle mutant creatures, and face your own limitations to stop the annihilation of humans.

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Remnants of the Dawn - Color Village.jpg
Remnants of the Dawn - Bombs Away.jpg
Playing as Jack, you must infiltrate the Evil AI Lab.
Remnants of the Dawn Intro.gif
Make your way though a labyrinth of sinister traps and deadly creatures.
Remnants of the Dawn Spider Fight.gif
Remnatns of the Dawn Into the Abbys.gif
Collect Essence to alter you DNA and enhance your abilities.
Remnants of the Dawn Essence Pickup.gif
Collect Currency and buy more powerful weapons back in the Village.
Descend into the darkness, finish Dr.Yates's mission to disable the AI.
Remnants of the Dawn Mines Fight.gif
Remnats of the Dawn Logo.jpg
Remnants of the Dawn - Arthur Eyes.jpg
Arion Digital

Arion Digital is an Interactive Studio specializing in 3D, visual FX, and game development. A unique combination that perfectly allows us to create stunning products. With 25+ years of experience in the entertainment industry, rooted in video games and feature films, Arion Digital bridges the divide between art and technology.


TurnTheGameOn is a development studio focused on game, software, and application development.  With 10+ years of experience creating content, publishing assets on the Unity Asset Store, and working on large multi-million dollar projects.  TurnTheGameOn can help bring any vision into reality.

Remnants of the Dawn - Color Deathworms.
Permission / Disclaimer

The media is allowed to use the above content for commercial use only. Arion Digital is to be removed from all liability and all materials are used at your own risk.

For More information contact

+1 661.388.4504

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