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How Interactive Maps are Changing Hotel Websites

Have you ever spent a good deal of time exploring review sites and hotel sites before making a reservation? It’s fair to say, that most of us want to really understand where we are going, and we want to get a good feel for the ins and the outs of the property before we book there.

Different Needs for Different Trips


What we care about is first dependent on the type of trip we are going on. For a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day or for Anniversary, the room figures to be a big part of our trip. We are looking to just shut-in and get away from society.

For a business trip, we may need to know where the conference rooms are. Or, if it’s offsite, what are the hotel travel arrangements? Is there a shuttle? Where is the hotel located in relation to where we need to work? Most people traveling for work like to stay on a routine, so we will want to know about the pool and fitness center.

If you have ever stayed at a resort, you know that this is a completely different type of trip itself. Often, you will end up spending very little time in the room on a trip such as this. You are more likely to be concerned with where the bars are. You’ll want to know where the pools are, and which ones have the swim-up bars. You’ll want to know about the on-location dining options and what entertainment options there will be at night.

All of these trips are very different, but I think that you get the overall point here. That point is that we have a lot of questions when it comes to booking our stay on trips. If you are at all like me, you probably spend hours looking at photo galleries on both hotel websites and hotel review websites. Then you will look at two-dimensional maps and try to understand where you are in relation to the things you want to have access to.

How 3D Interactive Maps Give You What You Need

Hotels and Resorts around the world are teaming up with Arion Digital for their interactive 3D maps. For all of the reasons I just explained, giving your guests a lay of the land prior to their visit is important for them, and important for you in securing reservations.

For guests, the goal is to give them the next best thing to a walking tour of the property. We want them to have an understanding of what their trip will be like. Knowledge is power, and by giving all of this information over to them they can understand everything your property has to offer. As they go through the tour, guests can begin to plan out what they want to do on their trip.

This action leads to more bookings and bookings of amenities. For a guest taking this virtual tour, maybe they realize just how close the onsite spa is and decide, hey I’d like that. The next thing you know, you have created add on business and they haven’t even checked in yet. Exploring the layout and room types will also lead to booking room upgrades as they can now truly see what they would be missing out.

It’s a digital world, and it’s a very competitive world. Using interactive 3D maps is a great way to drive engagement and bookings through your website. In a day when the vast majority of bookings are done online, you should do everything in your power to enhance that experience.

For more information about how we can help you with an 3D interactive map please visit us at

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