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No one wants to download your App.

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Apps. are expensive to make, market and maintain. If no one is downloading your app. then it's just a costly mistake.

Most smartphone users download less the 1 app. a month. However, they will on average, visit 89 websites per month. Therefore, doesn't it stand to reason that you should be investing more on your website?

Many users don't mind clicking on a link or going directly to a website. With the recent adoption of WebGL into all popular browsers, your website can now be as interactive as an application.

Why are you still paying for an application when WebGL integrated onto your website is a much more effective, not to mention cheaper, options? Here are a few reasons to reconsider investing in applications.

1. Websites can now be just as interactive as a video game.

In the past websites used boring blocks of text, static 2D pictures and an occasional video. Now, with the rise of WebGL the options are limitless. You can create video game quality art and interaction using high end graphics, 3D animations and more...which in turn, is helping your SEO.

2. Security concerns.

Most people don't like giving advertisers access to their private information or consenting to whatever is in the fine print, just to download an app. Smartphones today hold more private information about a user than anything in their house. Users know this and prefer to not use apps. they feel are unnecessary.

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3. Prompting your customers to download an app. from your website is costing you valuable sales.

Encouraging your customers to download your app. while they are visiting your website is like asking them to leave and go down the street to purchase your product. Basically, you are making it one step harder to get the sale. Instead, make your website more enticing with all the same attributes as an app.

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4. The app. stores are robbing you blind.

Any app. on an app. store (Apple, Google Play, etc.) is charging a commission. The more you sell the more they charge you. You are giving up to 30% of any revenue you generate just to sell in an over crowded market. Apple scraped over $11.5 billion in app. store revenue in 2017.

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

5. The app. store is over crowded.

If you thought putting your app. on the app. store you would get better visibility you are mistaken. As of February 2019, there are over 2,200,000 Apps on the store. Between 2018 - 2019 alone over 100,000 apps. where added. If your main goal is to increase brand or product visibility then concentrate on your website.

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6. WebGL and apps. are not mutually exclusive.

Many new App. authoring tools allow for multiple skues. That is a fancy way of saying some application authoring tools such as Unity, can export both to WebGL and the Apple Store. Maximize your money by getting two experiences for about the same price as one. With some careful planning you can have a customized application created AND a website the mirrors that same content.

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

A smart developer knows they need to be sensitive to the needs of their customers and pay attention to areas that are sore spots. Developers should be looking for new and innovative ways to get the best returns for their customers. The end goal is to create a thriving community of Apps spilling beyond the walls of the App store and onto the Web.

For more information on how WebGL can transform your website visit

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